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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 8, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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there is over a thousand people and the cuts. reporting live, ar ar, 9news now and >> hustling all the way around. thank you. healthcare providers are finally giving out the h1n1 vaccines to members of the public. tonight, thousands of kids got the flu mist version of the new vaccine. digital correspondent was there. >> reporter: tyler and his younger brother are among the first kids in the county to get their h1n1 flu mist vaccinations.
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tyler tried to hide. the decision was easy. we had sixteen age boys come in with the same symptoms, the cough, high fever, feeling kind of miserable. >> reporter: the h1n1 flu mist is so popular patients made an appointment at the pediatric care today. they even had to hire an extra nerve. >> they need to get the flu thing. >> all you need to do is hold still. >> reporter: the 5-year-old
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didn't mind the mist. >> and it feels good. >> reporter: and tyler, he is doing just fine. >> how are you doing all day? >> fine. >> in rockville, 9news now and >> only patients of pediatric cares can get the h1n1 flu. tomorrow, they will be it many dodge park elementary school at prince george's county. students there are going to be receiving the h1n1 flu mist vaccine that they and their parents want it. also tomorrow, the mount tkpwopl rehealth and human services holds their first public h1n1 vaccination clip ebb. it's going to be happening in silver spring. giving out about 2500 doses of the nasal spray. it was back to class today for students at st. vincent. the school was shut down yesterday after five students came down with the h1n1 virus. more called out sick. we spoke with one parent who's daughter is recovering from the flu. >> they are feeling much
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better. very intense for them. but then they seem to recover very fast. >> reporter: most parents aren't second guessing the school's decision to close for a day even though that they had not recommended it. travel will be picking up for the holiday. health officials are worried so will the spread of the h1n1 virus. they will leave a list of new guidelines for the airport and travelers. that part of the story is coming up for you at 5:30. alexandria police caught a person of interest after a bank robbery that happened around 10:30 the at the branch out here in the 3600 block of king street. a man armed with a gun took off with an undetermined amount of money. police used the helicopter to search for the man and they have yet charged him. the montgomery teen is sentenced 14 months in jail with small fires at his school. a case that began with allegations of the school bomb squad. the 18-year-old and another student anthony, were
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originally charged with plotting to kill their principal at spring brook high school. they later got the fierce starts with credit for time served, yet it could be released out there. >> the gaithersburg public official has decided to hire that. wreckless endangerment after a gun he was cleaning discharged and sent a bullet into his neighbor's home. he was a 20 year employee at the firm. officials say his retirement is in the best interest of the city. all right, we want to go to breaking news in montgomery county for a search for a missing teenager. that's right, 13-year-old jordan, was last seen at union station around 12:45 this morning. we understand she has now been found. >> yes, fantastic news. >> reporter: the fbi and montgomery police have been trying to locate jordan. she left home at about
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midnight. no idea if she met up with anybody. very worried about where she might have gone. >> coordinations between the fbi and nypd and police. just before five, located and safe. >> she took a cab. why would they pick up a child. but she's very tall and may have looked like an adult, correct if had >> yes. she does have features of an adult. >> lots of worries. why would you get the fbi involved in this? >> well, just what we thought. there was a great deal of travel. she did go to union station. and they were able to locate
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her. trying to get her reunited with family. the conclusion to the runaway case. they will be back home with her family very soon. i'm peggy, reporting live. back to you. >> all right, thank you for the update. good news there. a man is dead after being hit by a freight train this afternoon. that happened at maryland. >> reporter: hitting the man as they pass the out tissue passed out there on rhode island avenue. the train was able to stop, but they reached both of them to have that the man described in his early 30s who worked at this body shop of the track. >> we see him coming across the track and the train was coming and it hit him. he was not paying attention. >> reporter: coworkers say the man was preparing to ride his bicycle. >> they would pick up his bike. >> reporter: a witness says he was carrying the bike as he
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crossed the track. >> a nice guy, a young guy. >> the people that work here says this is the common route for people to get from the light industry on the east side of the track. >> reporter: on the other side of the track, the west side, and rhode island avenue is the commercial strip. >> they need to do something for these tracks or make something so people could cross. i cross them every day. coming from the bus stop just to go to work. >> people say this is about the third time that they recall someone being struck by a train in this area. dave dave, 9news now and >> police are still investigating this incident and they have not released the man's name. metro says they have finally finished repairs at the june fatal train crash. nine people died on that day. since then, trains is been traveling at reduced speeds through the area or moving one at a time. transit officials say that the track is dated back to the 1970s and have been replaced. trains are now moving at full speed. it was only a drill but
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fairfax county police say the training scenario has them cracked in the service. the drill allows the special offunits to set up their skill -- to test their skills. >> with the s.w.a.t. team comes in our bomb squad which has robots and a lot of different other equipment tools. negotiators were also on hand for today's exercise. they try to resolve the stand off and the barricades with the negotiations first so the s.w.a.t. teams are not needed in the first place. -b meteorologist, topper shut with -- meteorologist, topper shutt. >> yes. a lot of sick days occurring tomorrow. even today, t very nice. temperatures in the low 70s. here's your forecast first. few clouds come in. partly to mostly cloudy. but then breezy and milder.
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temperatures holding in the 50s. as winds pick up out of the south at 10 to 15. pretty mild tonight. 69 at national. 73 at leesburg and 70 out in fredericksburg. we'll come back and talk about a touch of may tomorrow and then buckle up for the weekend coming up. >> thank you, top. but right now, time for a check on the evening rush in the 90s now. >> reporter: hi there, we're going to start off in virginia. a lot of travel spots from sick mother -- sycamore, clear all the way out to centerville. the metro is the usual hot spot there as well. let's check on the ballot. no accident to report. we do have the dry times for you to go in on a loop right now. looking like they are still going out between the bridge and out there. that will take about six and it is there on the out of loop, i-95 to 270 to stay close to 60
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minutes. talk about 270 to see how things are looking off out here, past the merge. still moving well. starting out here, all the way to the weight station. finally, we'll check out 395, southbound right now. no major complaints. just the usual rush hour back up from duke seminaries. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, new help for local military families, nurses, and doctors affected bit base realignment and the closure plant. i'm joel brown on capitol hill. president obama is working on a new strategy for the war on afghanistan. but can he sell the plant to congress?
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stocks rebounding a little bit on wall street. finishing the day up 61 points. and nasdaq climbs 13 points. s&p 500 rose seven .s. the number of jobless areas of the laid off workers applying for the unofficial benefits applying out there. the labor department said that they were 521,000 first time claims headed to the lowest amount since january. in the meantime, september
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retail numbers show shoppers are going to keep cutting back on spending. clothing in department stores were especially hard hit as they purchased fall clothes. worried about jobs and tight credit. a light suicide bombing in afghan's capitol city killing more than a dozen people. they said that they need up to 40,000 more troops to get rid of the taliban's rising tower. but as joel brown reports, the president is reportedly considering a new strategy involving a smaller force increase. talking to hillary clinton during the closed door meetings in the oval office on thursday. deciding on a new approach for the war in afghanistan. and the top commander on the ground says that he's up to 40,000 more troops to fight taliban and stop them from allowing al qaeda a safe place for which to operate on. the president is reported to be considering a plan that would only send as many extra troops
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as they take to defeat al qaeda. >> al qaeda is a global transnational, the hottest move. and they have conducted attacks on united states. >> whatever president obama decide on, he'll have to sell it to congress for republicans, they are pushing for the full 40,000 troop increase while many democrats oppose sending any additional forces. >> the military commanders say that they need the extra help like this. the taliban, they claimed responsibilities for suicide car bombings during the morning rush hour. and the blast killed at least 17 people and injured dozens more. finally, they are on the rise in afghanistan. here at home, the latest, they show the drop of support for the war. poáet those issues are sure to come up on friday when the president meets again with the full national security team to figure out their next step. joel brown, cbs news, the white house.
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a new career transition centers opened up today at the medical center. and they are designed to help the employees who will be impacted by basically the alignment and the closure team to come in at 2011. that's a joint effort. the department of deployment services and the army. services at walter reed will be transferred to the medical facilesties out there in the -- facilities out there. bob parker is placing $3 million to help u.s. troops. the former price of right host is putting money to establish a d.c. area to study traumatic brain injury. low the kateed next to the medical walter reed's center. participating in a great reading event aimed out here. >> yes. >> that is just beautiful right there. >> that is the very hungry caterpillar. the occasion is a part of a nationwide effort to break a world record. by the end of the day, expected
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p more than a million children will hear the story which is very hungry as a caterpillar who eventually morphed into a butterfly. that's my favorite. >> yes. >> all right. hey, they've got good stuff. >> i mean, you know, it's not going to last you for the weekend, but they do great stuff. showers over the weekend. coming out there to see them. >> i'm a little excited. >> yes. exactly. >> i'll paint myself all green. temperatures today, a little above average for today. and the next three days, wow. just 81 tomorrow. nice one for them. 71 on saturday. mostly cloudy. won't be a complete washout. but there will be showers off and on all day. maybe some morning showers on sunday. we should sell that this afternoon. although cool on the temperatures out there. and we're going to lose about 10 degrees on friday and saturday. and now tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. and in part, thanks to o o the
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winds at 10 to 15. and that is much calmer today. don't go to the 40s tonight. everybody is pretty much in the 50s. 51 at great fall. and mid-50s for them. probably in the low 50s still over silver springs. and maybe up there. but mid-50s downtown. temperatures right now, a shape below average. perfectly comfortable. no wind tonight. 68 in woodbridge, 58 in vienna. even out to the west. temperatures up there in gaithersburg as well. it's 65 this hour. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and mild. 50s and 60s. winds out of the south at 10 to 20. in the afternoon, partly cloudy and warmer, highs in the 80s southwest and 10 to 15. it'll feel more like may or at least out there. satellite picture and radar combined. here comes the next system. the good news is the bulk of the rain that stays west of us tomorrow. they will think south of us to give us a great saturday on the first half of sunday which is
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pretty good. actually going on out there. headed into the ohio valley. as far as we're concerned, just a few clouds for now. that's it. you should stay dry tonight and tomorrow. maybe some showers that will be getting in tomorrow night currently on saturday. their zone forecast. still on our website on partly cloudy. 79 at wind chester. and 81 in fairfax. and 82 in woodbridge. downtown, 81 and 82 out there and 79 for them. there will be small craft advisories issued again tomorrow because of the southwesterly command. nothing like the 48 miles per hour winds that you had yesterday. the next seven days. breezy tomorrow, 81. showers on saturday. 69 on sunday. then partly cloudy the rest of the day. upper 60s on showers on tuesday. and that is pretty chilly here. the full sunshine. struggling to make it out there. pretty cool for us on this time of the year. and then settling in on thursday for them in the upper
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50s. they are coming out to see us at the green festival. >> that is just a 20-degree temperature difference in that forecast. >> yeah, we're trying to go different sides. just fighting. is >> yes, they are. and you know, just getting good pleasure. >> right. >> okay. that's a little green men. i love that. >> local volunteers are trying to end domestic violence in northern virginia. look what keeps them motivated coming up next in our hero central report.
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somehow we see the living tip green of the day. a nice hot shower. but you might not need that so high to get that refreshing feeling. most hot waters are set. 140 degrees fahrenheit. you don't really need that water. turning your hot water down there for 120 degrees. and that is using your water heater causing as much as 10%. you might want to look into
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that quarter and even go solar here for your water. you can learn more about that on wsu just click on living green. get some information on this year's green festival on saturday and sunday at the dc convention center. hoping to see you there. tonight's hero report. they are recognized as pwoát domestic a-- both domestic awareness response. out at the organization for women and children and one of their special volunteers. here is christian fisher with the story. >> reporter: this woman and child were homeless. now living in the doorway of the foundation home. but they don't speak english. for the volunteer care that's in -fp >> i think that it is particularly difficult if you have limited english-speaking abilities to seek help. and so it is a práeuf hrepbl for being out there to try to give these women a voice. >> reporter: about 25% of these women only speak spanish.
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she's their translator. >> volunteers are a major backbone for our ability over the mission. >> reporter: linda is the executive direct for the articlington based area for women and families. their mission is to end domestic violence and family home he isness in northern virginia. this year is their 30th anniversary. but also the year that they have seen the 25% spike. the number of women and families who need their help. >> we have turned away, 433 areas spoken last year that just lived in arlington. many more falls for them. >> but they were able to serve nearly 1500 clients last year alone and 60% that were kids. she started to take any of them to workshops with the hispanic theater company in arlington. >> just opening up a window to a child's imagination. and creates possibilities and such a positive way. >> for her ability to connect our families to the theater, it's just priceless.
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>> i've got much more back than i'm able to give. >> she's just one of about 250 volunteers. and they are always looking for more volunteers if you would like to help. i'll show you how that goes on wusa9. com and inviting you to log onto and click on the hero's button to tell us about a hero that you know. tomorrow morning, christen will be -- kristen will be live for high school hero friday. the airport workers, they'll get training for security. and they will also be look out for the h1n1 virus. coming up, what you need to know before your next flight. first, some sad news to share. the chili bowl has die. we'll remember the d.c. landmarks when we come back on 9news that continues next.
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a missing teen from maryland has been found in new york city. the 13-year-old had been last seen at 12:45 a.m. this morning at union station in washington. opponents of the decision
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to fire more than 200 teachers in the district are staging a rally right now. they are calling on lawmakers to reinstate them along with 200 other employees. struck and killed by the fright train out there who appears to be about 30 years old. they are going to do that when they were hit out there on your rhode island avenue. and they not only started that way back when he was president. the segregation was out there and they were the black broad way. he passed away last night at 82 from the congestive heart failure. his res strupbt or the president or the movie stars. and that is still a washington institution. bruce reports on the half sent rift memories. not even on the day after the death. did his family think for a minute about closing. >> no. absolutely not. and he would not hear that. >> on saturday, that would have
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been ben and virginia's 51st wedding anniversary. they almost never. >> and we work 17 hours a day. no 16, no annual no leave. tph-rz no back hurts, nothing. opening up with $10,000 in savings. they were so broke that they almost forgot to buy a cash register. >> i decided i'm going to bring that in everything. we found chili fries, chili tprefrpbl fries, chili everything. >> working through the metro construction. that did not bother them. >> that is a fixture for rock stars and super stars. >> i was there.
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especially when they were 35 cents a paos. >> i was there. >> but after developing the heart disease, virginia, she asked her husband to stop eating those chili dogs. >> she said, i'm going to buy them and no doubt. >> they had some kind of magics, some kind of mystical business sets. that and a secret recipe. >> that's good. that's the only ingredient i'll give you. is >> but they promise ben's chili bowl will live on. in washington, 9news now and on the cruise over the weekend. claiming the shortness of the práet out there when they got back. last night, he demanded to go home. and the daughter-in-law expects it too. still waiting on word for the funeral arrangements.
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the councilman remains in the hospital this evening. the mayor who admitted to howard university hospitals on tuesday. making the rounds everywhere this fall, concerned about flying and being in a confined space with others. many countries are also keeping a very close eye on the foreign travelers. they had a greater risk of catching them. >> the citizens traveling abroad are being screamed in some nation for symptoms of swine flu. they were quarantined for a week inside the beijing hotel after a student they were chaperoning tested positive. in the u.s., also on the lookout for the passengers. travelers are wondering if somebody who is already sick boarding a plane with them. >> it definitely crosses my
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mind. >> i'm more concerned about that. flying carries no greater risk of infections. >> clear the air with everyone on the plane. >> that is because in each section of the plane, the air is circulated through the filters. and really only in greater danger of picking up something for people that are sitting right around you. what if one of them are infected? carrying a serge cal mass such as the scenario. >> i'm flying from san francisco to chicago putting that on because the person next to me. >> how much did that protect you? >> really no evidence that it helped. they warn that they mite ask the screening device at foreign airports. answering questions and even being quarantined out there. >> all right, a new report out there today. ranking the best and the worst metro areas for the air travel
5:34 pm
performing. >> concentrating about 26 out there. of those, many of them experienced the first. the growing number of the shorts such as new york, boston, and washington, d.c. they are partly to blame for the increase and delays. they all arrive at least that late. that's up from 4% or 4.6% in 190. exposing what he says going on in sarah palin's house. why they say they are about to expose themselves.
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>> let's get a check on the evening rush hour now in the traffic center. hoping for a smooth night. well right now, we do have a problem, anita, in upper marlboro. route 202 and white house road, there's an accident out there. police are out there going in that area, beaware of -- be aware of that. we'll check out the beltway and what's tracking some delays right now. it is heavy in both directions. on the left side of your screen, following the path on the interloop there. passing out there, it'll be slow to i-95 and out of the loop out there from the road over to i-270. finally, we're going to wrap it up in virginia. 95 southbound drivers can't be too happy out there. moving about an hour and a half. that's the traffic. more news and weather coming up. t
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there will be more ebs poe sures. the grandchild is apparently going to pose nude in playgirl. johnson has said to be training three hours a day, six nights a week in an anchorage gym. the attorney says the agreement with playgirl has not been reached but a conclusion. they were released from the vet today. it is the late trooper out there in the dog fighting agreat. with a lot of scars. the humane society, they will try to deprogram him of any sentencing. >> and now this dog, this is a big dog. this is a 3-year-old. it's in the running to become the world's largest dog.
5:39 pm
highly appropriate, wouldn't you say? measuring seven feet long from those derails. that brings from the kitchen closet. eating them up in the house hol. >> i'm sure that's not a bear. >> i know. find out the true costs of the convenience. we'll be right back.
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well, they help you make phone call, pay a bill, send a gift. they come with some pricey strings attack. they approached it, the senior reporter for the personal finance. joining us now to talk more about the hidden fees that you're going to pay to use these cards and what you should know before you use one. thanks for coming in. >> all right, so you've got purchase fees and activation fees and maintenance fees and the dormant fees. why are we paying so many fees? >> mainly because no one says that the company can do it. they have not forbidden it. so now, this is a good way to make a lot of money. >> the people are consumers who either can't, you know, open up a bank account or they cannot get credit with the immigrants. these are people who you would say they are typically vulnerable and need the money the
5:44 pm
most? >> right. t-rz >> it's just terrible. >> you were talking about people needing to call out there, they are calling for the balance of the card. if they spread that? >> right. they typically don't come with the statements. they don't normally get those. if you do, then you need to pay for those. if you call customer service, you need to pay for that. i mean, it's just an enormous area. >> we know that the credit card industry is going to make changes with more protection in place for people that have credit cards, starting next february. but these cards, they are sort of a no man's land, right? >> yes. they are not regulated by anyone. some discussions about whether they come under what's the electronic funds transfer. which is what regulates the debit cards. right now, they don't. and the consumer the advocates they sa they show them that and that gives them a little more. people that have them. a little more protection. not a whole lot. >> the protections, they are not nearly as strong as they are for the credit cards or the
5:45 pm
regulated area. we're saving them because there is not a whole lot of alternatives. if you have to use one of the cards, what do you do? the main thing is you find something that has lower fees. the wal-mart card; and some of the lowest around. but we could say eastbound with the lowest fees, we're talking about close to that much. >> for sure. >> i mean, you really need to ask, you know, to walk in and to have that out there. don't just pick up the one that looks hideous, or has the nicest logo on the front. ask what the fees that you need to deal with. ask for every conceivable fee that you can imagine. because it's beyond there. >> all right, joe. thank you so much for joining us. of course, we'll have this information on our website to learn more about the fees before you buy one of the cards. go to our website on and click on living smart. good warning. >> all right, if you don't like to be annoying and who does. don't use the word whatever. according to a new merit
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college poll, 37% of americans find that the most annoying word for phrase of the station. that's just dangerous though. whatever easily beats out you know, anyway. and it is what it is and at the end of the day. so what words or phrases do you find the most annoying? check out our website on to take part in the convenience poll. i've got some about that but i'll save it for later. because 9news now at six is 15 minutes away. here's a look at what we have for you. a big break in the 2005 murder of the 17-year-old girl. they finally have their man. stkpwhr-fpblgt plus, find out how to live smart by reading in between the lines when it comes to the fitness spa deals. and could these ladies p starting a trend? the nba is trying to appeal to an older audience. that's coming up next tonight at 6:00.
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center a pig way. i know record highs tomorrow are still out there. but still, 80 degrees. that's crossed over. center rarity stpwhr-fpl you know, one of the month that we'll probably hit 80 and call it out there. here's kr-r forecast first for the next three days. fantastic tomorrow. 81, breezy, a warm freeze. showers, on saturday, on and off, at least into the earl hi part on thursday and we leave about 10 degrees cooler. doesn't matter we want to see you the at screen festival -z. that's metro right there. those hundred dollar take that long and a southerly wind it them. ask too much rain. that should be more out there. 52 in upper marlboro and downtown. right now, if you're going.
5:48 pm
60, woáel tack that out there. 68 out this in pell haven. and even 68 out towards here and ed burn. now, for tomorrow morning, partly sunny and cloudy. winds are u ot of the south at 20 -- are out of the south by 10 and 20 miles an hour. a great day. high temperatures about 80. out of the south conference the at 60. some it hook that but a hit -l taller. but that's how much torl. he is heb one this -- with highs in the 20s on that count. i think it is. thank you, thank you. 81, seeing partly cloudy. showers, maybe a quick heard o
5:49 pm
sunday. then pheubsed 60s on monday and tuesday and a cool on wednesday. only around 60. the chillily rain set in for -- chilly rain set in for thursday. you'll want to see everyone out there at the green festival on saturday and sunday. a special on the air at 7:30 on saturday and 8:30 a.m. on sunday. >> i would imagine you starring in that. >> well, no, hardly. i will have appearances. the other green man. >> all right, top. brett favre is down there for the red hot capitols hosting the rangers tonight. >> hey brett. >> you cannot coral with the start of the capitals. five points out out of the possibility six. while the offense for the caps have opinion down right explosion. it's the other side of the ice that's -- big concern -- concerning a big goal out there in 11 goals including 10 in their last two games. the coach say that's not team
5:50 pm
they want to be and that starts tonight against new york. >> we need to get better at it as the year goes on. we have identified it and we're working hard with both the players and defense, -rlt. they are follow tissue if we can stay out of the pwobs, then woáel p fine. tonight os game all right marx urn -- the other return. believe it or not, it was another day of intrigue involving the coaches out at redskins park, including one coach in particular who has decided to zip it for the entire wall. >> reporter: yes, it certainly was. no other way to explain it. defensive coordinator, he meets every thursday and about one of the most candidate entertaining coaches you'll hear. just last week, thrown under the bus for the defensive issues
5:51 pm
and had no problem taking the blame. today however, he stepped to the podium, gave an opening statement. and then he missed. >> i would like to thank you and that's it, thank you. >> taking no questions and gave no reason as to why we know he's not going to address the media for the rest of the season. and then it gets weirder. the secondary coach will now be speaking in his place answering defensive questions. here's jim's take on the silence. >> it's really great. from his standpoint, talking about it, talking to the league about a break for him. and they have agreed. so i would put it as personal reasons as to something that is important. he's doing it for the right reasons. >> there have been speculation that the signing of the offensive consultant, a very close friend of them could have something to do with being out
5:52 pm
there. jim says that has 0 impact on the decision. another saga at the park. >> thank you for that. that is easily the most photographic guy on the scene. much more on the greg situation and also talking to rangers in the return coming up at six. for now, live at the srer ryeson center -- verizon center, i'm brett brett. celebrating in a healthy weekend this weekend. bruce johnson, they will lead them. and then on sunday, brett and i will be a part of the in-- inaugural heart run. for either, go to our website on and we'll have a link to both. up next, the hot dc stylist says ladies, it's time to change up the healthcare routine. the basting product and what works well for women. we'll cover it all. always on
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we'll be right back with cool segment coming up next.
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a discovery in the fight through breast cancer. exposing exactly what happens inside the cna of the breast cancer tumor, setting light on how the disease is developed and spread. tp-rbzi don't have the possibility to determine all of the mutations and the presence in any particular cancer. >> the study on this week's cover of the journals, the nature, marking an important turning point in the breast cancer battle. leading to ratically different drugs. >> but is your hair ready for the change in season? tonight, some advice from the stylist who says that there are dos and don'ts for the hair type color and the styles.
5:57 pm
salon owner and the stylist of the exis they use use a little reminder when it comes to having the name as the season changes. >> blend in, nothing down there by too much at the same time, finding women in d.c. with a lot of style. fall is the time to tone it down. >> i will go for honey shades in terms of color. i'm a very strong long look that is always on point. >> reporter: the school change and confer between the hair mass is basically hreupds, pro -- lipids, proteins, anything that will help. >> the real estate agent, taylor, is a busy looking mom looking to add volume to the limp air on
5:58 pm
the bike. >> and something that, you know, makes my hair look like it has volume. but it's very easy to do. >> products that look out there, even in crisp fall weather to give falls like places places in some way, bringing that down out here in her hair. >> in the meantime, they heard -ls running for the upcoming misseddened protect. >> i koeupbd of pop the u tissue i kind of like to pop the issue out there. something that does not have a lot of weight. it holds or anything that would drag your hair down. >> all right, let's talk about affording all of this. they said to splurge on the specific products that make a real difference between your hair. for instance, that deep
5:59 pm
conditioning mass, that's a splurge. they want to see a daily conditioner. what about styling products? a good connection that would be a splurge. only use it by a piece to make it last. with the hair sprays and the lotions, go for the lower priced items and save. carlos says they found a lot of products that might do more harm than good. go to our website click on living -- click on living large. good evening, i'm lesli foster. we begin with an arrest in the shocking murder that happened in buoy back in 2005. the victim's family credits prince george's county to police they find it safe for a new commitment to solving the false cold cases. scott broom is on the story. >> last night is the first night four years, tour months that


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